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Latest news!


June 1st, 2015 will be the last day of this Northwest Authors site. Thank you all for your participation.

Janelle Meraz Hooper- Her traveling show, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, starring Rudy Ramos, is now accepting bookings. See her page for more info.

Elizabeth Dost- Due to a change in publishers, Elizabeth has a new price on her book, Home Alone in America. Enjoy the savings!


Ruth Anderson- Has a new book: Legendary Locals of The Puyallup Valley.


Karen Brees- We have a new author! I'm building her new page this week. Feel free to drop by anytime and check it out as it grows.

Joan Thomas- has many, many book-signings coming up. The first is November 21, 2013 at the Federal Way Barnes & Noble (31325 Pacific Hwy South, Federal Way, WA) 10:30-3:30 PM. I'm posting the others on the book-signing page.
Gerry Bradley- Mr. Chit-Chat has added new time slots! See below for Gerry's new Mr. Chit-Chat radio show times on KLAY-Radio.
Ruth Anderson- Will be having a book-signing for her new book, Legendary Locals of the Puyallup Valley on November9, 2013 at 10:30 AM in the Puyallup Library. Also available on Amazon and the Puyallup Historical Society at Meeker Mansion.

Janelle Meraz Hooper's new article on Kindle, Surviving Arthritis, How to Live on a Rocky Beach, can be borrowed for free by Amazon Prime members!
Donna Lee Anderson has a new novel, Project Emily, A story from Haven Port Island--check it out on her page!
James Francis Smith has a new website. Visit him and leave a comment! Find him here: www.theIrish-Americanstory.net


New times! Listen to Gerry Bradley's Chit-Chat Show each Saturday on KLAY-1180 AM Talk Radio, 8:45 AM-9:00 AM   (Pacific time) and on Sundays at 7:03 AM-after the news. Sometimes, Gerry has one of our authors as a surprise guest! 
Contact Gerry: MrChitChat@comcast.net 
Listen online! www.klay1180.com on their homepage, click on the link at the right.

Authors' Directory

Authors and titles
Sharon Leitheiser , Embrace the Moment, PB
Children's Literature
Janelle Meraz Hooper,There's a Mouse in the House! PB & Kindle, Nook, Kobo
Chellis Jensen, Mrs. Anathena Gilly Gully from Puddle Rumple Tilly Willy, PB & CD
Joan M. Thomas, Mimi's Gift, Mimi's Sunrise Surprise, PB
Young Adult (YA)
Janelle Meraz Hooper, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, PB, Kindle
Sheila Ryan Wallace, Dive for the Gold, The Missing Heir, Miss Abigail's Antique Treasures, PB
Teen Sci-fi/fantasy
Casey A. Telling, Into the Blood of the Sun, Under the Light of the Sun, PB

Fictional autobiographies

Janelle Meraz Hooper-A Three-Turtle Summer PB, Kindle; As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries PB, Kindle; Custer and His Naked Ladies, PB, Kindle, Nook, iBookstore 


History, US
History, World
Historical fiction

Ruth M. Anderson- Puyallup, A Pioneer Paradise, PB
                                 Legendary Locals of the Puyallup Valley, PB
Elizabeth Arnswald Dost- Home Alone in America, PB
Val Dumond- How We Fought WWII at William T. Sherman  Elementary School, Kindle
James Francis Smith- Druids, Celtics, and Romans, Kindle 
JR Reynolds- Woman of Courage, Sustenance of Courage, PB
James Francis Smith- The Last of the Fenians, The Life and Times of Rory O'Donnell, Rory O'Donnell and the Kennedys (The Irish-American Story), Unholy Conspiracies, Kindle



Ruth M. Anderson-Tahoma's Trophy, PB
Karen Brees- The Esposito Caper, Kindle, Nook, MuseItUp

Charlie E. Brough- Thank God For Pigs, PB; Momma, I'm Coming Home, Hardcover, PB, Adobe eBook; Allison's Wedding Dress, PB, Kindle
Val Dumond- (Mush on and Smile) Klondike Kate, Queen of the Yukon, Out of Print; Sugar, Spice, and Stone, PB & Kindle
Janelle Meraz Hooper- The Slum Resort, Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, Kobo
Jim Muri- Growing Milo, Blue Water Blues, eBooks
JR Reynolds- Call For Duty, PB & Kindle
Sheila Ryan Wallace- The Sea Captain, PB


Mixed genre

Charlie E. Brough- Mama, I'm Coming Home, hardcover, PB; Allison's  Wedding Dress, PB;
Velgen (Val Dumond)  - Cloudbursts, short stories, PB
Janelle Meraz Hooper- Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories, PB & Kindle Old Joe and His Pink Cadillac, Kindle, iBookstore



Judy Comer Franklin- Cold Passion, Sanctuary Stones, PB



Sheila Ryan Wallace- Reflections, Drifting, PB



Val Dumond- Ahlam's Stories, Kindle
A. L. Finch- Child P.O.W., PB
Elfi Hornby- Dancing to War, PB & Kindle; Shadow of Defeat, PB; So, This is America!, PB
Bruno Lange- Born Into Turmoil, Dream for Fun and Profit, PB



Nancy Atchley, The Legends Remain, PB, Kindle



Donna Lee Anderson- I'mJustCurious, PB Project Emily, paperback & Kindle
Val Dumond- When Roosters Fly, PB, Kindle
Janelle Meraz Hooper-  Bears in the Hibiscus, Kindle, Nook, IBookstore, Kobo Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie, Kindle, Nook
Marilyn White- Son of a Nun; Goldstone Inn, Volume 1; Goldstone Inn, Volume 2,  Goldstone Weddings, PB



Donna Lee Anderson- Necessary Words for Writers, PB, Kindle
Gerry Bradley (Mr. Chit-Chat)- The Chit-Chat Café, Birds From a Thicket, PB, Kindle
Joan Brown- Move--and Other Four-Letter Words, PB
Val Dumond- Imagine! Breathe! Write! K, Just Words, Are You Singing Your Song?PB, K, The Anarchist's Guide to Grammar, PB, K, Grammar for Grown-ups, PB, Elements of an Inclusive Language, K
Pam Phree and Mike "Darkside" Beakley- Betrayal, Murder and Greed, HC, K 
Dana E. Quade- Doing The Thing, PB, K
Janelle Meraz Hooper- Amazon Short, Surviving Arthritis, How to Live on a Rocky Beach, Kindle only


Photo credit of boats on dock: © 2001 Janelle Meraz Hooper

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